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Shoe's Michigan Kayaking

I just start kayaking at the age 56, just about 3 years after my heart bypass, I will not do white water over Class I, I was told is a foot or less white water. I like the less part. The hardess thing about kayaking is get out of the kayak.
Class I: (Based on the definitions provided by the American Whitewater Association) Easy. Moving water with riffle or small waves. Few obstructions, all of which are obvious and easily avoided. Self-rescue is easy and the risk to swimmers is small.
The rivers that I kayak

           put in just past Custer Rd. take out at US31 about 2.2 hrs. (4.6 miles) lots trees down. I needed extra time to go around them then run into the next one. It was my first run down a river. I got to know just about all down trees in the river, I mean ever last one of them. I learn alot that day. Like hardess thing about kayaking is get out, after sit in one for over two hours.
           put in at Indian Bridge ( Reek Rd.) take out just before Scottville Rd. about 3 hrs. (7.2 miles) little white water right after Custer Rd. bridge, nice scenic run.
           put in at Woodpecker Creek just down river from Hodenpyl Dam take out at Red Bridge (Coates Hwy.) about 4 hrs. (8.7 miles) some Class I, white water in three or four places, but nice scenic run all in all. We stop about half way to eat lunch.
           put in at Stephens Rd. take out at just past Custer Rd. less then 1 hr . (1.6 miles) some fast water but no white water.
Still kayaking the Sable not as much have other thing on list.