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06/15/91 - 01/12/06
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picture see him at 1 year.
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Golf is a game of imperfection and making corrections. The ball doesn't always go where you want it too.
IL Palos Hills Gleneagles Approach G5 MI Fawn Crest
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'Sheba' webpage
1978 SilverLine

Kodiak 17T

2005 Polaris
Family Tree
Family Tree
Brother's Mernorial
brother's mernorial
Bernice's Mernorial
Bernice mernorial
Webmaster for :
Webmaster for :
Thanks to my doctors Dr.Brenner and Dr.Tessalee,  for getting me in at the right time and Dr.Muasher my cardiac surgeon with the staff at LaGrange Memorial Hospital that I'm still here today.
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 is a good way to screw up a good walk.

  • Give a Man a Fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a Man to Fish and he will sit in a boat and drink Beer all day.
  • A man's got to believe in something...I believe I'll go fishing!


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